Judith Pabelick, LL.M.Eur.
Lawyer specialised in labour law

Head office

Immermannstraße 10

40210 Düsseldorf
Tel +49-211-248 629-15
Fax+49-211-248 629-16


Branch office

Kölner Landstraße 375
40589 Düsseldorf
Tel +49-211-69551065
Fax +49-211-69551065


TAX No.: 133/5242/2344
ID: DE 119260423

Supervisory authority/chamber
Rechtsanwaltskammer Düsseldorf
Freiligrathstraße 25
40479 Düsseldorf

Tel.: +49-211-49502-0
Fax: +49-211-49502-28

Professional name
Judith Pabelick: Attorney at Law (conferred in the Federal Republic of Germany)

Law codes governing the profession

  • Federal Attorneys’ Code (Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung – BRAO)
  • Professional Code of Attorneys (Berufsordnung für Rechtsanwälte – BORA)
  • Specialised Attorneys Code (Fachanwaltsordnung – FAO)
  • Act on Attorneys Fees (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz  - RVG), valid beginning on 1 July 2004
  • Federal Fees Code for Attorneys (Bundesgebührenordnung für Rechtsanwälte – BRAGO)
  • Professional regulations for attorneys in the European Union. The provisions may be examined at the Federal German Bar Association

Professional liability insurance policies
Victoria Versicherung AG,
Victoriaplatz 1, 40198 Düsseldorf
territorial validity:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Judith Pabelick