Labor Law

I represent employees, inter alia with regard to termination of employment, legal action contesting termination of employment, warnings, disputes over claims emanating from employment agreements, transfer abroad. Additional focal points in individual labour law include the drafting and review of employment agreements, settlement agreements, post-contractual non competition clauses, severance pay for employees, letters of recommendation and certificates.

In addition I represent executive staff, managing directors and members of boards of management with regard to special aspects relating to their approach to employers´interests respectively their management positions in employment agreements, terminations of employment, settlement agreements, company car agreements, post-contractual non competition clauses, bonus agreements and liability issues.

For employers (owners, human resources departments) I also act as counsel on all kinds of issues relating to employment agreements and contractual agreements for managing directors, members of boards of management, executive staff and provide support in outsourcing and restructuring projects.

I also have many years’ experience providing counsel to and representing  works councils with a focus on European works councils. I am equally familiar with the founding of European works councils by contractual agreement, the appointments procedure and its organisation and mode of operation as I am with its rights and obligations.